Welcome to Understanding and Respecting Gender Identities. This course is delivered 100% online. All interactions will be asynchronous communication methods and will include discussion forums, practice exercises, and videos.

Course Description

My company, 5 Stars Group LLC, provides staff for trade shows and promotional events.  About two years ago, our largest client instructed me that our staff were to use gender-neutral terms when addressing the public.  What they did not do is tell us how to address the 100’s of strangers we encounter every day to attract them to our booth or product.  Before we figured it out COVID 19 eliminated our work. Since reopening a few months ago, several clients, including Google, have mandated that we identify individuals’ preferred gender terms and use them if known, or use only gender-neutral terms if unknown, This course was created to give guidance about respecting gender identities.

This course is intended for the staff of 5 Stars Group LLC.  It is a requirement that all public-facing staff must pass this course with a minimum grade of 80%.

Course Organization

  • Home. Provides information about the course and the instructor.  Also contained here is a description of the necessary technology to complete this course.
  • Syllabus. Provides a comprehensive overview of course goals, objectives, assignments, evaluations, contact information, and required resources.
  • Lessons. This section presents the course content in 4 lessons, preceded by an introductory module.
  • Assessments.  Allow you to test your knowledge.
  • Resources & References. Here you will find resources such as referrals to organizations that provided resources.  There is also a list of references used for this project.

Minimum Technical Skills

  • Ability to follow written instructions
  • Working knowledge of basic productivity software such as Microsoft Word
  • Ability to use a web browser to navigate the lessons and other online resources
  • Basic email features like sending and receiving emails with attachments.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection
  • Supported browser and required plug-ins